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Testing your System

Safe-T recommends you test your alarm system quarterly. It takes 5 minutes and is the only way to ensure your devices are all operating properly, and communicating with our monitoring station in the event of an emergency. Below are quick instructions, and of course call us with any questions:

  • Notify Safe-T monitoring at 866.689-0599 that you are checking your system. You will be asked some basic identifying questions, and for your password.
  • Locate and turn off the breaker that feeds electricity to the outlet powering the alarm system transformer. Verify the touchpad is still functional, indicating the battery back-up is working. 
  • Open and close each door and window that is tied to the alarm system. Have someone assist by watching the touchpad. It should display when each zone is opened. Some systems display an asterisk (*), and you must press the status button to display the actual zone. 
  • Arm and disarm the system from each touchpad. 
  • Check each panic button. 
  • Listen to the volume of your system. Is it adequate? 
  • Check to see if the strobe light functions, if applicable. 
  • Reset the system, disarming it. 
  • Check with Safe-T at 866.689.0599 to ensure signals were received. 
  • Test each smoke detector, and if they are not tied into your security system change the batteries. Consider upgrading to monitored detectors to ensure Safe-T can dispatch the fire department which is critical if you're not home! 
  • The backup battery should have carried the system through this testing process with no issues. If the system detects that the battery is low, please call Safe-T as it should be replaced. 
  • Turn the breaker back on. 
  • Contact Safe-T monitoring at 866.689.0599 and let them know you are done testing. Even if it isn’t fun, it is free, and it is a really good idea. Call Safe-T 24/7 if you have any questions about testing your system.