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Avoid Security Scams

According to KSTU in Salt Lake City, Utah, the summer months are ripe for hundred of their residents to fall victim to door-to-door home security scams. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns people to keep their guard up so they don't become a target. In 2016, the BBB received 2,064 complaints for alarm companies. Evidently, the majority of complaints are about contracts. One of the most common scams is getting someone that has a pre-existing contract with one of the top security companies to sign with another company, leaving the customer with two contracts.
Shauna Thompson of Sandy, Utah fell into that trap. “We had a nice young man come and offer to sell us ADT security system," Thompson said. A sales man from Blayden Capital, who was a contractor for ADT, convinced her to switch alarm companies and promised to buy out her current contract. “We started getting billed by both companies," Thompson said. "We never did get the check."

For five months, she tried to contact the new alarm company. When she couldn’t get through, she called ADT. They told her she owed them $2,400 for her and her parents' contract. “Just beware," she said. "Buyer beware.”

While many door-to-door sales people are legitimate, it’s important as a consumer to do your homework. The Federal Trade Commission recommends these 6 simple steps before partnering with a home alarm monitoring service:

  1. Get references from your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and from the company's current clients.
  2. Check out the companies by entering their names in a search engine online. Read about other people's experiences with the companies.
  3. Verify that the contractor's licenses are current and in good standing.Check with the National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies for the appropriate agency in your state.
  4. Get written estimates from several companies, and ask plenty of questions.A reputable company will not try to sell you anything before completing a professional assessment of your needs and the layout of your home.
  5. Read the fine print.Once you've chosen a company, make sure the written contract includes all oral promises made by the salesperson. The contract also must be dated, and show the name and address of the seller.
  6. Contact your police and fire departments. Ask whether you need to register your system, and if there are fines for responding to false alarms.

At Safe-T Security Sight & Sound, we do not outsource our services to you. Here are just a few things that set us apart from other security services:

  1. We have a highly trained team of specialized installation technicians with global leading technology.
  2. We do not bind our customers to a contract! Not only does this give our customers freedom, but what better guarantee of quality service than all our customers are with us by choice!
  3. When you call, we guarantee you’ll always speak with a human being – in fact, a local and familiar voice you’ll recognize each time.
  4. With monitoring rates starting at $13.95 per month, there is no price goughing. Just a fair price for a quality service backed by our "no-long-term-contract" guarantee!
  5. As a family owned business we are dedicated to serving you – our neighbors, our customers.

No matter what the future holds, there is one final thing Safe-T Security will never do differently. We will never stop relying on the strength of the team that has served our communities over the last 30 years. Contact one of our professionals today to get a free security consultation.