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Annual Alarm Testing

Is it time to service your Alarm System? Residential and Commercial alarms should be serviced at least once a year. An alarm system service ensures that everything is in working order and can pick up any potential faults before they become a problem. During a typical service, all components of the system are tested and adjustments made if necessary, so keeping a regular service schedule ensures that you have peace of mind regarding the operating status of your Safe-T equipment, and monitoring system. 

 We all have our cars serviced every year, to ensure everything is running smoothly and a hidden issue isn't left undetected or left to worsen, which could cause a failure or potentially a serious accident. While an alarm system failure may not lead to an injurious accident, the consequences of an ineffective alarm system on your building and contents in the event of a break in, is similarly devastating to the home or business owner. If your buildings and contents insurance has clauses or discounts for the presence of an alarm system, it is vital to check the schedule of insurance for their requirements regarding system servicing – some companies require annual servicing as part of the agreement and if you cannot prove that a service has been carried out and any repairs identified carried out promptly in the last twelve months then your insurance may be void, putting an immediate stop to any claims you may need to make.

If your Safe-T alarm system is not due for a service, but there are fault warnings on the control panel, low battery notifications or prolonged flashing of LEDs on sensors, this indicates a problem that needs addressing by a professional technician, and you should bring your scheduled service forward or call for a technician visit immediately.

With a Safe-T maintenance check, we will test your complete system including: the batteries, sensors, cables and wireless components, as well as any manual parts, such as panic and emergency buttons, fire sensors, and all other features of your alarm system. We also remind you when the next service is due, so there is no worry that you may forget to book your appointment in. We recommend you test your alarm system at least every 6 months, and change your access codes occasionally. Call us today if you need help with "HOW" to test your alarm, or if you have any concerns on it's operation



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